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Notification of Vehicle Brand Form

- RIGHT CLICK the file of your choice then select SAVE TARGET AS
- Select the location you want to save to then click OK
- You can now log off the webpage and fill out the form to print and fax back to the number below
- Or, you can just click on the link; in most browsers this will open directly in the browser window
- The Microsoft document can be filled out by tabing from box to box and filling in the information
- The Adobe Reader document will have to be printed and filled in by hand

This form is a Microsoft Word document

This form is an Adobe Reader document

Hamilton, Surrounding Areas and Niagara Peninsula

Office:  (905)  774-6588
Mobile:  (905)  517-4939
Office FAX:  (905)  774-9588
Toll Free:  1-866-222-8122